Rose by Equal Earth
Rose by Equal Earth
Rose by Equal Earth
Rose by Equal Earth

Rose by Equal Earth

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Moroccan perfume is recognised worldwide for being pure, natural and made without the use of alcohol.
Fairly traded and ethically sourced by ourselves, these perfumes are cruelty free and 100% vegan (made from plant resin).
The perfume block comes in solid block form which means its great for travelling or keeping in your bag.
Your perfume block will come complete in its own little organza bag which makes it ideal for the use in cupboards, drawers, bags, the car, inside a pillow case or on display! We think they work great placed on hangers and kept in the wardrobe!
Each block weights 20g or more.
Use the drop down list to select the quantity you would like to purchase, we offer discounts for mulitple purchases.
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If you would like to mix and match your flavours please drop us a message and we will be happy to assist.
POLITE NOTICE - Unfortunately, due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept the return of roll on perfume oils, please take this into consideration before making your purchase. 
- The colour of the perfume may vary to product images. This can be due to changes in the manufacturing process (all items are handmade / artisan made). We apologise for any inconvenience. 
Product may stain fabric, keep away from delicate items. It is the consumers responsibility to ensure they are not allergic before the use of this product. Always carry out a patch test. Do not apply to boroken skin. If irritation occurs do not continue use.