Adult Alpaca Wool Gloves - Medium
Adult Alpaca Wool Gloves - Medium
Adult Alpaca Wool Gloves - Medium

Adult Alpaca Wool Gloves - Medium

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Our gloves have been knitted by artisans in South America and traded at a fair price directly by ourselves.
Made from quality alpaca wool which is famously renowned for its warmth and softness.
Cruelty free, the wool is shear from the Alpaca once a year with the greatest of care, a necessary part of maintaining good animal health. 
Our gloves are perfect for a winters walk, guarenteed to keep your fingers warm!
They are cosy and elastic free, making them comfortable and light weight.
 Adulst size - Medium (ideal for women).
Please note, we are unable to accept the return of Alpaca knitwear that has had tags removed. Please take this into account and check your items carefully before removing the tags from your garment!
Psst! Buying this product helps support indigenous communities as well as keeping their skills alive.
Unfortunately due to the nature of our products, not all items may be identical to the one's photographed. This can be due to items being hand made or artisan inspired. All items will be similar, however slight details may vary (i.e colour shades or pattern order etc). If this may be an issue, please drop us a message before you make your purchase.