Moroccan Travel Belt - in Black
Moroccan Travel Belt - in Black

Moroccan Travel Belt - in Black

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This belt has an ingenious design where there is a zip on the inside, completely hidden that no one can see. Worn as a belt, no one would see the small compartment, making it perfect for hiding away important things. Ideal to hide away small items, such as money notes, a SD card, a key, or even a photocopy of a passport etc. A great idea for travelling or festivals.  
This belt has been made from great quality, strong and hard-wearing leather in Morocco. 4cm Width. 
The belt is fastened by pulling the strip through the hole and using the buckle to keep it together.
There are tightening holes to fit the belt to whatever size you need.
These belts have been measured from the buckle to first and last hole.
You would also be able to add your own holes if you find the belt isn't your size.
PLEASE NOTE - All our belts are handmade in Morocco by talented artisans. Therefore not all belts will be identical to the one photographed. Please take this into consideration when purchasing.