Rudraksha Malla Prayer Beads

Rudraksha Malla Prayer Beads

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These rudraksha mallah beads have been ethically sourced from Nepal.

The 'Rudraksha' bead is a seed produced from the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree, believed to have healing powers and valued similarly to semi precious stones. 

Usually the beads of Rudraksha are strung together as a traditional mala and it is believed that the number of beads used should be 108 plus one. 

The extra bead is the bindu.

There must always be a bindu to the mala, otherwise the energy becomes cyclical and the bearer becomes uneasy.

Ther beads are finished with knots between the beads and a red tassel.

These would make a great gift for someone!

Please note the beads you receive could vary - if this may be a problem, please feel free to message us before you make your purchase to see what colour we have in stock.