How to Care for Your Panama Hat

Due to their diversity, Panama hats have proven a popular fashion accessory for the avid traveller. What could be more convenient than a lightweight sun hat you can roll up and put in your luggage? 
However there are some things you should consider before you roll your Panama.
The first thing to take into consideration is that rolling a Panama is likely to affect the overall appearance of the hat. If you like your hat looking immaculate as it did the day you bought it, it's best that you do not roll your hatFrequent handling over a period of time will affect the overall appearance of the item. 
It is possible roll a Panama and keep it in shape, but you will need to take some extra steps to keep it looking in tip top condition.
If you roll your Panama, you may encounter some changes to the overall appearance. Some of these changes can be reversed with some extra care, depending on the frequency and the length of time the hat is rolled.
Never store your Panama hat rolled for longer than 24 hours.
If you roll your hat for travel purposes, we recommend getting the hat out as soon as you get to your destination, or as soon as convenient as to avoid having to take extra steps to shape the hat. 
You can find information on how to reshape your hat brim in the brochure included with your order. 
You should wear your hat for at least a week before attempting to roll. Wearing the hat allows it to adapt to your head shape as well as become more flexible.
Some other things to consider.
  • The softness of a hat will affect its ability to roll and 'bounce back’. The softer the hat, the more pliable it is and the better it will roll.
  • White Panamas are softer than naturals and naturals are softer than brown. 
  • Your Panama will arrive brand new and never rolled. 
  • You should wear your Panama for at least a week before attempting to roll it. 
  • Placing some card inside the hat when storing (unrolled) can help keep a hats shape. 
  • The hats are made to be worn in the sun. But if left in the hot and dry climates for an excessive time the straw may become brittle and break when rolling. Panamas originate from sunny but humid climates, and the humidity helps keep the straw flexible. 
How to roll a Panama:
1. Turn down the brim all the way around the hat.
2. Hold the hat with the crown running from left to right.
3. Carefully push the crown up by placing your hand inside the hat.
4. Push one side of the hat into the other.
5. Gently roll the hat from front to back to form a loose cone shape. 
You can also watch a short video on how to roll your hat at the link below: