3 Great Reasons To Go Fair Trade!

Higher Quality

By choosing fair trade products you are allowing the producer the freedom of creating the high quality product intended by removing the restrictions of a low commission or wage. Mass producing companies often take short cuts or use inferior materials to create a much less costly product, this is cheaper for everyone in the short term but also compromises the quality of the item you eventually get.

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Global Impact

Did you know that over 1.5 million people now benefit from fair trade operations and practices? In over 70 countries the fair trade organisation helps bring better working conditions, fair pay and a safe environment. This is all possible due to the increasing amount of support in the last 10 years with certified farmers being able to sell their wares for a fair price.


Tastier Food

Many people will tell you fair trade food is especially tasty and how the chocolate is a much better quality than the regular type. Although I would definitely recommend it you need to try it yourself to see! On your next supermarket trip remember to look for the fair trade mark and give it a taste, even if you don't like it you can be proud to have supported those in less fortunate parts of the world.


Equal Earth is proud to give all our artisans a fair price for their crafts and services.

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