Bali shrugs - the must have garment!

If you haven't got a bali top in your wardrobe yet, then your missing out! The bali-shrug is a fantastic garment that can take a chill off anything strappy of a summers evening... you're not convinced? Then read these four reasons as to why you should have one in your closet!


1. Lightweight

These bali tops are made from a light-weight netting material. They are light and small, meaning they are perfect to take on holiday. They won't take up much room in a case.


2. Cool and Comfortable

Due to the nature of these items, they are great to wear anytime for any occasion. They are small enough to fit into a handbag and great to wear on a summers day. They could be worn anytime of the day, morning noon or night. They are a simple design that can be dressed up or down.


3. Easy Care

These tops can be machine washed on a cool temperate, and will dry within minutes. They won't need ironing, and will be crease free no matter how much you screw them up!


4. Ageless

The fourth and final point that must be made about these tops is that they are ageless. No matter what your age, these tops will look fantastic with anything. What other top could you keep in your wardrobe for a century and it not become outdated?!


So... have you got yours!? Find them in our store: click here



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