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Magita, from Marrakech, Morocco.

During our travels we meet lots of lovely people, many of which we have seen again and again over the years since we started traversing the globe for our ethnic wares. One of these vendors is Magita, a wool hat seller in Marrakech.  We first met Magita in 2010 on a trip to Morocco that eventually led to our long relationship with the country. As you can see from the above photo Magita stocks an amazing array of coloured wool hats in many shapes and sizes. In the middle of Marrakech’s bustling medina Magita can be found almost any day of the year and is always happy to help find the perfect hat.

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Supporting Schools in Ecuador - Chairty work / Equal Earth

Traversing the globe for hidden artisan gems has always been the main goal of Equal Earth, but what you may not know is that helping others less fortunate than ourselves has also been a passion of ours since the very beginning. In 2003 we visited Ecuador and were blown away by the immense crafts, clothing and culture all around the country. However there was another side to South America we had never considered which showed a lack of access to many of the resources we take for granted in the UK. This coupled with our love of their artisan wares led to the opening of our webstore with a promise to return with supplies on our next trip. In 2006 this became a reality...

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Bali shrugs - the must have garment!

If you haven't got a bali top in your wardrobe yet, then your missing out! The bali-shrug is a fantastic garment that can take a chill off anything strappy of a summers evening... you're not convinced? Then read these four reasons as to why you should have one in your closet!   1. Lightweight These bali tops are made from a light-weight netting material. They are light and small, meaning they are perfect to take on holiday. They won't take up much room in a case.   2. Cool and Comfortable Due to the nature of these items, they are great to wear anytime for any occasion. They are small enough to fit into a handbag and great to wear...

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